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FAQs: Sears AccountCare

What is AccountCareSM?
AccountCareSM is an optional debt cancellation program for Sears cardholders. AccountCare gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your good credit rating and buying power are protected during difficult personal and financial times.

What is protected?
AccountCareSM protects your credit rating by canceling either your minimum monthly payment or your outstanding balance as of the date of the protected event: in the event of Disability, Hospitalization, Involuntary Unemployment, Leave of Absence, and Loss of Life.

What is the fee for AccountCareSM?
The monthly fee is .96 cents for every $100 of your monthly Sears card account balance. If there is no balance on your Sears card, then there is no AccountCareSM fee!

How is the monthly AccountCareSM fee assessed?
The AccountCareSM fee is assessed on the balance due on the billing cycle date.

How is the monthly fee billed?
The AccountCareSM fee will be billed directly onto your Sears card and the amount charged will be appear on your monthly statement.

What is the 30-day ?free look??
The 30-day ?free look? refers to the first full billing cycle after the customer enrolls in AccountCareSM. This 30-day ?free look? allows you to learn about the many protections and advantages offered through enrollment in AccountCareSM .

If you agree to the terms of the AccountCareSM Addendum, simply do nothing and you will remain enrolled.

If you do not wish to remain enrolled in AccountCareSM , please call a Customer Care Specialist toll-free at 1-877-524-5985 to request termination of the program.

Can I sign up for AccountCareSM on more than one Sears card account?
Absolutely. The AccountCareSM program fee protects an individual card account. Therefore, please remember that if you wish to protect more than one card account, you will need to enroll each account separately in AccountCareSM .

Who is protected?
The primary-cardholder, and the secondary-cardholder, if applicable, are protected. In the event that only a primary cardholder exists, one authorized user is protected under the terms of the AccountCareSM Addendum.

Who is an authorized user?
Any person who is 18 years or older and is a spouse or a domestic partner who resides in the same household. The authorized user must have been enrolled 90 days prior to a protected event.

What?s a domestic partner?
Two unmarried adults of the same or opposite sex engaged in a spouse-like relationship characterized by mutual caring or dependency.

I?m retired and/or of retirement age. Can I enjoy the protection AccountCareSM has to offer?
Absolutely. AccountCareSM does not have an age restriction.

Who do I call if I experience a protected event?
Please call any AccountCareSM Customer Service Representative at 1-877-524-5985. They will be happy to assist you.

Is there a waiting period for AccountCareSM to become effective?
Your completed enrollment application will be processed by Sears. Pending approval by Sears, your enrollment will become effective a few days after placing your initial call to AccountCareSM.

Why can?t you start canceling my debt immediately?
AccountCareSM needs to receive all the completed forms and proper documentation necessary from the cardholder in order to begin processing your debt cancellation request. You will receive a confirmation letter once we have received your forms. Our cancellation request must satisfy the requirements as outlined in the Addendum. If approved, you will receive a letter verifying the approval of your debt cancellation request. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you continue making your minimum monthly payment while AccountCareSM processes and reviews your request.

I never gave permission to enroll in AccountCareSM. Why am I being charged for it?
If you were enrolled in AccountCareSM in error, please call an AccountCareSM Customer Care specialist at 1-877-524-5985. If applicable, they will terminate the AccountCareSM protection and refund any fees paid. They will gladly go over the many benefits AccountCareSM has to offer.

I?ve decided I no longer want to be enrolled in the AccountCareSM program. How do I terminate (cancel) it?
If, after careful consideration, you determine you cannot benefit from the AccountCareSM program please call an AccountCareSM Customer Care specialist at 1-877-524-5985. They will be happy to assist you in taking further action.

When I called to enroll in/terminate the AccountCareSM program, the representative asked to record my call. Why?
When you either enroll in the AccountCareSM program, or choose to terminate the AccountCareSM program, we will ask to record the call for verification of the request. This is for your protection, to ensure that there are no mistakes made on our part.

I no longer wish to receive any information regarding the AccountCareSM program, either by mail or phone. What do I do?
We are happy to assist you with your request. Please call an AccountCareSM Customer Care specialist at 1-877-524-5985 to have this request completed. Your account will be duly noted at that time.